Where To Find Your Next Dirt Biking Adventure

Where To Find Your Next Dirt Biking Adventure

Imagine you and the open desert, freedom like never before. That is what to expect when dirt biking over the dunes of the Arabian desert in Dubai. Experience the rush of tearing through warm sand, creating your own trails. Pop a wheelie or take a corner with precision using top-of-the-line dirt bikes.

Life is made up of memorable moments and desert riding can be one of them. Not sure where to rent a bike in Dubai? Don’t hesitate to ask the experts at mxDubai. They can steer you in the right direction with choice dirt bikes, dune buggy ATVs, and more. Take to the desert terrain like never before. Just remember, dirt biking techniques differ depending on the riding grounds, so here are a few tips to help you enjoy the ride.

Beginners Have No Fear

One of the most important things to remember is to use the full gear. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dirt biker, having head-to-toe gear is a necessity for safety and fun. Items to consider are full coverage clothes, helmets, gloves, eye coverage, and proper footwear. For example, a long sleeve shirt, protective pants, durable biking gloves, full coverage goggles, a full helmet, and high-top boots. It is also recommended that you use protective gear like chest, elbow, and knee pads.

If you are a beginner with any new sport or high-octane outdoor activity, it is highly recommended that you consider guided tours. Someone new to skiing, rafting, or hang gliding will definitely take the necessary lessons from the experts before attempting it on their own. dirt bike riding is a thrilling sport and having the right coaches can mean the difference between an exciting time and eating dirt.

Watch The Terrain

When riding through the smooth sands of the desert, being aggressive is key. This means having a great, firm position on the bike while taking the brake lightly. Positioning yourself too close to the front can cause the bike to knife from the front and too close to the rear can make it difficult to turn. Do not be afraid to use your throttle, especially in thick sand, because power, torque, and drive will get you through.

Rocky terrain can be found in deserts all over the world. So, don’t be surprised if you spot small, medium, and large rocks as you ride. Dirt biking experts say maintaining a straight line is the best way to get through the rocks. The small rocks will sink and you could easily ride over the larger rocks. Just remember, don’t be afraid to wash out. A variety of medium-sized rocks, hidden rocks, and buried ones can cause you to beef it. Don’t let that stop you from getting back up and putting in the riding time. The best way of navigating through adventurous terrain is by putting in the time and gaining experience.

Take In The Landscape

If you have never been to the stunning Arabian Desert of Dubai, then you are in for a treat. When dirt bike riding, make sure you take in the beautiful, vast landscape. The smooth dunes and warm sands offer exciting grounds for trailblazing whether you want to use a dirt bike, 4-wheeler, or all-terrain Dirt Bike vehicle.

Don’t be afraid to strap on a GoPro or other sports camera and record your desert adventures. Capture all the moments when you tread through the sand with speed and feel the wind whip through your clothes.

The Advanced Folks

If you are an advanced dirt bike rider or quad racer and want to challenge yourself to new terrain, consider going abroad. An excellent place to look is the desert terrain outside of Dubai. Simply rent a bike in Dubai and take advantage of the guided tours.

Breezing through the trails and nailing sweet jumps off the sand dunes is only part of the fun. Challenge yourself to the vast sands and surprising terrain of the Arabian Desert. Dubai is one of the largest, most inviting cities in the United Arab Emirates and offers top-notch dirt bike and quad racing. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Take the leap and book yourself a high-octane dirt bike trip today.

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