Quad Bike Dubai


Quad Biking Dubai

Take a break from your busy life, hop on a Quad Bike, and head out to explore the mesmerizing dunes of the Arabian desert! The exhilarating dive into the sand while riding your quad bike will keep your spirits soaring. At mxDubai, we're renowned for our welcoming approach, top-notch bikes, and innovative travel plans, fulfilling the dreams of many with our Quads / ATVs. As a tourist, don't hesitate to embrace this incredible attraction and make lasting memories during your trip to the Emirates.

Conquer the desert with our cutting-edge quad bikes, designed to effortlessly tackle even the trickiest terrains. With a focus on safety and excitement, our rides guarantee a memorable experience whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time explorer. Our expert guides will ensure you have an amazing time.

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Tour Highlights

  • Discover the awe-inspiring terrains of the Dubai desert on a reliable quad bike
  • Experience the excitement of self-driving with our experienced tour guides
  • High-end fleet, new facilities, excellent service

Booking Requirements

  • The minimum age for riders is 18 years old

Tour Includes

  • Self-drive tour with an experienced and professional guide
  • Helmet, Goggles and Gloves
  • Refreshments


  • GoPro rental (AED 150 per each)
  • Pick-up and drop-off services (AED 150 per person)
quad bike rental dubai


Quad Biking Dubai Packages

We are committed to creating unforgettable and exhilarating yet safe and reliable experiences that everyone will enjoy. Our fleet of vehicles and packages has been handpicked to perfectly complement your adventure.

Quad Blitz

Quad Blitz

Duration: 1-Hour     Seater: 1

Experience Dubai’s wild side in an intense, electrifying 1-hour ride in the desert, featuring Automatic Quad Bikes. This tour is ideal for both beginners and experienced riders.

AED 450

Quad biking


Duration: 2-Hours     Seater: 1

Eager to see how far you can go with your motorbiking exploits? Embark on an action-packed two-hour tour that will keep your adrenaline surging.

AED 750


Easy-To-Learn & Exciting Quad Bike Experience

No need to stress if it’s your first ride with off-road quad biking. Our expert instructors will teach you the ropes, ensuring the safest and most exhilarating experience on your quad bike adventure tour. They’ll guide you with patience and clear directions, so you’ll be exploring the desert and taking in the awe-inspiring landscape before you even realize it.

We take safety very seriously when it comes to quad biking in the Dubai desert, especially for beginners, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on the thrill factor. To guarantee your safety, we provide all the necessary riding gear like helmets, gloves, and goggles for everyone. And rest assured, our quad bikes are meticulously maintained and finely tuned to ensure a comfortable and secure ride.

Whether you’re a beginner or a hardcore off-road enthusiast, we’ve got everything you need. Stop by and get ready to feel the excitement of cruising through the desert on our epic quad bikes!

quad biking dubai


Ensuring Safety in Quad Biking

To ensure you have a blast with our dune buggy rental in Dubai, here are a few key pointers on safety and driving in the Dubai desert.

Brace yourself for an incredible ride with our quad bike tours as our expert guides unveil the wonders of the Dubai desert. Our quad bikes are equipped with top-of-the-line safety features and are kept in pristine condition, ensuring you can fully enjoy the sand dunes without any concerns. Get ready to experience unparalleled freedom and discovery in the breathtaking Dubai desert, where you’ll be treated to captivating views and exhilarating moments.

When you’re out riding an off-road quad bike in the desert, safety takes the spotlight to ensure an unforgettable adventure. Tackling the sand dunes can be tricky and impact your visibility, but no worries! We’ve taken care of that with essential safety features and useful guidelines to mitigate any possible risks.

Your safety comes first, and that’s why we’ve got you covered with all the essential safety equipment, at no extra charge, to keep you safe during your ride. Make sure to gear up with your helmet, gloves, and protective clothing while riding the quad bike. These items provide valuable protection against fast-moving small rocks, pebbles, and debris.

When driving in the desert, things can get unpredictable, so it’s important to maintain a safe distance from other quad bikes around you. Stay alert and be aware of any vehicles that might unexpectedly enter your path, as riders can pop up out of nowhere.

Speeding is a leading cause of accidents, so it’s vital to ride at a speed that keeps you in control and allows for quick reactions. Pay close attention to your guide’s instructions and steer clear of sharp turns or jumps, as high speeds can lead to a loss of control without much time to react.

Remember to keep your quad bike’s headlights on to ensure optimal visibility during your ride. In the desert, what may appear as harmless bumps could actually be hills or holes that might cause flips and crashes. By having your headlights on, you’ll be able to identify risky terrain in advance and make the necessary adjustments.

Our reliable tour guides have mapped out safe routes for your quad bike adventure, and it’s crucial to stick to these paths while exploring the desert. When riding over dunes, be careful and avoid sudden accelerations that could send you flying off the edge and potentially lead to a crash.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re pretty chill when it comes to clothing choices, so wear whatever floats your boat for your desert ride. Just steer clear of flip-flops or sandals that might slide off while you’re driving. Also, be mindful of loose-fitting clothes that might get tangled in the desert, and short outfits that might not be the most comfortable while you’re riding around on the quad bike.

    Our quad bikes are built to handle the demanding desert landscape effortlessly, offering both comfort and control at speeds reaching up to 100 km/h. Nevertheless, we advise driving at manageable speeds to ensure your safety.

    We’ve got you covered with our hassle-free door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service. Hop on our epic desert safari ride that will take you through the desert dunes, setting the adventurous tone even before you arrive! Our desert safari service is priced at 150 AED per person.

    Whether you prefer to use your credit or debit card, make a bank transfer, or pay in cash on the day, we’ve got you covered.