Choosing a Dirt Bike Tour in Dubai

Choosing a Dirt Bike Tour in Dubai

Choosing the right desert bike tour can make or break your experience. Are you an experienced rider? Someone who has never ridden before? Do you desire a few thrilling hours in the desert or days of riding?

Dirt bike tours can be incredibly exciting, and they allow you to experience the desert in a way nothing else does. Choosing the right tour for your Mx Dubai adventure will ensure you have the best and safest time possible.

Thing to Know

Mx Dubai offers top-of-the-line KTM 450 Enduro bikes for your tour. This bike is capable and powerful enough for experienced riders and safe for those with less experience.

All people are welcome on the dirtbike tours. Many women enjoy riding Dirt Bike through the desert. You must be 18 years old to go on our bike tours, but you don’t need a Dirt Bike license.

We give you everything you need for your adventure. All needed safety equipment will be provided. It is recommended that you dress for the environment and weather, with pants and closed-toed shoes.

Dirt Bike Training

If you’ve never been on any type of Dirt Bike, you’ll want to go through training before you hit the desert. Dirt Bike do require some basic skills and training, including being able to shift gears, steer, and balance. If you’ve ridden ATVs or other off-road vehicles, you’ll still need training if it’s your first time on a Dirt Bike.

Beginner Tour

This is for those who have experience riding Dirt Bike, but not riding off-road. If you have at least a basic knowledge of riding, this 2-hour tour can teach you how to ride safely on the dunes.

You’ll be feeling the adrenaline course through your veins and dune smashing in no time, with a skilled instructor by your side. Be warned, however, that the excitement you feel can be highly addictive.

Advanced Tours

Advanced tours are for riders who know how to ride a Dirt Bike on and off-road. If you are ready for a challenging ride full of thrills, dune smashing, and jumps, an advanced tour is a great choice.

You will have an instructor along for the ride to give tips and monitor safety, but these tours are best suited for experienced riders seeking the most thrilling adventures.

Advanced tours are 3 hours or 4 hours. Which one you choose will depend on how long you wish to ride, how much of the desert you wish to see, time limitations, and your physical fitness level. Keep in mind dirt biking is a physical activity.

Custom Day Tours

Book a custom tour for one, two, or even three days. In addition to spending a day or more in the desert doing something you love, you get to do so with your friends.

Guided tours generally have many different people. This can be a great way to make new friends. However, if you want a more intimate experience with just your friends and family, a custom tour is a great option.

You also have some input into planning the tour route with a custom tour, so you can see different areas of the desert and experience different types of riding.

Custom tours give you all the advantages of planning your own tour, with the peace of mind that comes from taking a guided tour. You’ll have a knowledgeable guide and top of line Dirt Bike, and a tour that meets your desires.

You’ll also have accommodations, either at a local hotel or the Desert Camp. The desert camp gives you some of the amenities that you find in civilization while giving you the experience of sleeping in the desert.

Tag-a-Long Tours

Want to take a tour, but have your own bike? We discounted rates for anyone who wishes to ride their own bike on one of our tours.

No matter what tour you choose, you are sure to have an exciting and unforgettable Dirt Bike experience in Dubai. There’s nothing like riding the dunes with a powerful piece of machinery being the only thing between you and the desert.

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