Desert Dirt Bikes VS Traditional Motorcycles

Undoubtedly, desert dirt bikes and traditional motorcycles look similar. But the fact is that they are completely different especially when it comes to their size, frame, and more importantly their usage. There exists a lot of differences between a typical desert bike and a motorbike. When you visit deserts you will definitely need a quad bike tour of Dubai or desert bikes. The reason is that these bikes are specially made for riding in the desert which is why they are also called desert dirt bikes.



The desert dirt bikes are smaller than regular motorbikes. They are constructed in such a way that they are able to move in places where traditional bikes cannot. They are more compact and narrow as compared to motorcycles. You can also rent a motorbike in Dubai by MX Dubai. Another point to be noted is that they are made of metal. On the other hand, desert dirt bikes are lightweight which makes them suitable for use in deserts specifically in Dubai. Traditional motorcycles are not feasible for roaming in deserts; they are constructed for the purpose of providing you comfort during long journeys.


The tires of the desert dirt bikes are studded and they have some extra tread so that they can perform additional traction and can even move in the slippery soil of deserts. In short, the tires are constructed in such a way that they are not only easy to move and quick but also directional. On the other hand, the tires of motorbikes are wider and are slick too. They are specially made for stable rides. Such tires allow you to have a good drip during the ride.


It is quite obvious that dirt bikes are built for the purpose of absorbing more slips and are appropriate for rough surfaces too. Bikes other than desert dirt bikes like quads, mainly offered by quad bikes tour Dubai also have a purpose to serve. The suspension system of the desert dirt bikes is quite different and advanced. On the other hand, the suspension system of regular motorbikes is less advanced because that is specially made for the non-slippery surface.

The difference in techniques:

There is a lot of difference in the physical appearance of these two bikes as well. There are certain kinds of techniques that must be used in order to utilize desert dirt bikes more efficiently. For instance, you need to make constant use of your foot, especially when taking turns or moving around the corners. Moreover while using a desert dirt bike you are definitely going to need a lot of practice. On the other hand, the techniques required for traditional motorbikes are quite simple. You just have to follow the required procedure and you will be good to go on the roads.


One of the most significant differences between the two bikes is their usage. They both are used for different purposes. Talking about the desert dirt bikes, they are specifically used at places where it is not easy to tread on normal motorbikes. They are specially designed and constructed in a way so that they can serve this purpose; for instance, desert bikes are used to ride in deserts (where riding is not easy on regular bikes). On contrary, normal motorbikes are heavy and provide you more comfort than they are for long rides.


The frame of the desert dirt bikes is normally small and lightweight because they are designed for rapidity and quick mobility. Moreover, it is difficult to move with a heavier frame. On the other hand, motorbikes have a higher frame because they are not made to reach such places (having dirt). They are heavier because they are made of metal.

There are numerous differences between both kinds of bikes, the reason behind it is that both the bikes are made for different purposes and both are useful in their own way. It is you who need to decide what kind of bike you need when you encounter different conditions. Whether you choose a desert bike or a motorbike you need to make the best use of it. Never forget to make the right choice of the bike under the right and expected circumstances.

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