Why Dubai Is The Best Destination For Biking Holidays

Why Dubai Is The Best Destination For Biking Holidays

From the dedicated camel tracks to the cycle clubs and safe biking autodromes, Dubai is by far the best destination for all cycling activities. With an ever-changing face and favorable weather all year long, cyclists are drawn to the city by the terrain biking routes, state of the art tracks, and even international biking events.

Whether you are merely digging deep trails along the Hatta hills or coasting in the Abu Dhabi corniche boardwalks, the region has various spots and features to satisfy your high pedal ambitions. Check them out

Guaranteed Good Weather

With warm conducive weather all year long, your biking experience in UAE will be obviously be amazing. The standard springtime temperatures in Dubai range from 19 to 21 degrees. In autumn, the heat rises to more than 30 degrees in some days. This is excellent weather suitable for outdoor exercises like biking. Most cyclists like the bronzed legs, and therefore, Dubai gives adequate tanning time on the bikes. Once you rent a dirt bike, ensure that you carry an extra water bottle to keep yourself hydrated through the entire journey.

Cycling Community

The cycling scene in UAE is rapidly increasing; attracting visitors from all corners of the world.  The city has dedicated bike tracks; both rough and smooth.  Alongside the biking, tracts are beautiful sceneries and natural features that make the journey even more interesting. The receiving companies are well equipped with modern bikes suitable for both beginners and the experienced cyclists.

Before you start your biking session, you will be given the options of the groups you can ride with. The groups allow you to meet other enthusiastic riders with different competency levels.

Beach Recovery

What can be more relaxing than having a tasty meal in the Dubai beachfront hotels after successful dirt biking in the Deserts of Dubai? There are golden sands that provide a comfort zone for the cyclists. If your biking is scheduled on a Friday or weekend, you can take advantage of the best-varied institutions in the city.

You can also indulge in various beach activities to refresh. Also, some of the beaches have dedicated biking pathways. This means that you can entirely spend the day along the shore and engage in multiple activities.

Courteous Drivers

Dubai has excellent established roads and highly experienced drivers who operate with high professionalism levels. They are ethical and honest. For decades, there has never been a single case of a situation where the customer was either verbally abused or put on the sarcasm ends.  Both the bikes and cars used are well serviced, licensed and equipped with luxurious features and equipment for comfortability.

Still, with the UAE drivers a being novelty for the locals, you receive a wide berth, and sometimes random applauses and encouraging shouts from the passersby. Sometimes, the whole experience sounds like you have a rolling supporting team.

Packed Calendar

The famous Abu Dhabi and Dubai tour races see prominent participants like British ace Mark biking on the roads. This creates a perfect opportunity of seeing and biking with the world-class stars. Several organized groups also create and organize groups throughout the year that give awards to the best cyclists. Training sessions are also marked in the calendars with some offering discounts depending on the time of the year.

For instance, spinney’s Dubai 92 biking challenge which is mostly held in December, involves both kids and adult. This means that the entire family gets involved. The biking calendar is always arranged well from January to December with different amazing packages. Regardless of your age and experience level, your biking needs are well catered for.

It’s Not All Arid

Dubai is not entirely pan-flat; some of the regions are similar to the Star Wars. For instance, jebel jails- the highest peak in the country is located only a few miles from the city. The mountains do not only provides stunning views for the cyclists but also allows them not to layer up. The extreme heat experienced while rising the valley floor is sufficient to warm you at 40mph even with bare arms. Clear maps and instructions are given before kicking off the biking sessions.

Along the paths are good lighting systems (when biking at night), and plenty of amenities. Safety is guaranteed both in the plain and hilly areas. All areas have warning signs, speed bumps and crucial safety tips on the roadsides. Also, watch out for the gorgeous wandering mountain goats.

Planning to have an offbeat holiday? The Dubai landscape is perfect for all the outdoor whether you are a local or international cyclist, you can rent a dirt bike if you don’t intend to fancy yours schlepping around the city. Schedule your next and have a memorable time.

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