Visiting Dubai on a Budget

Visiting Dubai on a Budget

Undoubtedly Dubai is one of the most exciting and glamorous places to visit – but it is going to cost a lot too. If you are visiting Dubai for the very first time then reactions you get from your acquaintances might be like it is very expensive, it is going to be very hot, etc.

Surely, it is an expensive place to visit or to experience different adventures for instance Dune buggy Dubai, but on the other hand, you can always visit this amazing territory on an affordable budget. We have some inside tips that will help you watch your spending while you are on vacation in Dubai.

Tips for an affordable visit:

Here is the list of some practical tips that will guide you throughout your visit to Dubai:

  • Try inexpensive gourmet food.
  • Ride on with MX Dubai.
  • Use public transport.
  • Buy gifts at local souks and Deira marts.
  • Look for free entertainment events.
  • Book budget-friendly accommodation.

Try inexpensive gourmet food:

Dubai is a place that is full of expats from all over the world; therefore finding food that your taste buds will like is not only easy but affordable too. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Spanish or you name it – Dubai has restaurants with all kinds of food. A beer in Dubai costs around 7 dirhams with any type of food. Avoid eating at expensive restaurants; instead, try small-scale restaurants that are famous to the locals.

Ride on with MX Dubai:

Dubai is the hub of amazing activities but the question is: are those adventures affordable for every person? They are quite expensive; to get things under control, avail of the services of MX Dubai. We deal in quad bikes and buggy rental Dubai too. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers so if you want to experience quality services at less cost then give them a try at MX Dubai.

Use public transport:

The most appropriate choice for you to travel is public transport. If you are living in a hotel then you will definitely get access to the metro bus. The Metro bus service offered by Dubai is way cheaper than taking a cab to your destinations. Dubai has also introduced bikes for rental so that you can travel with more ease and at less cost; you can rent a bike for 15 dirhams and the allotted time duration is 30 minutes. Also, you can book a tour with a company that provides you with pick and drop from your abode.

Buy gifts at souks at Deira marts:

Most tourists take back gifts for people at home. Do not purchase your gifts at expensive malls; instead, go to local souks and get your hands on traditional items. Also, try to hop into some brands with sales; maybe you will find something worth your money. Avoid costly purchases. You can get items of your choice at the retails of Deira marts and different souks in the outskirts of Dubai.

Look for free entertainment events:

There are various cultural events in Dubai that are arranged by some young artists in order to show their talents. The Archive Dubai is such a library that has open spaces for arts and culture. It usually offers free open concerts. A yearly event, Sikka Dubai, is where all dance and performances are for free. It is best to plan your event in advance so that you have enough time to search for free entertainment events.

Make the right choice:

Every tourist has his/her own budget limits. It is best to watch your spending so that you can set aside money for adventures and not spend all your money on accommodation and travel. The thing which matters a lot is making the right choice; bargaining what you avail and what you don’t. Visit our blog for more tips and ideas.

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