Travelling Dubai One Piece of Tarmac at a Time

Travelling Dubai One Piece of Tarmac at a Time

Dubai straddles the line between ancient tradition and futuristic melodrama. It’s reinvented itself in a way that’s unique and audacious. When the sun sets, it transforms into a vibrant party capital full of rooftop dance floors and sizzling nightlife. By day, its culture is expressed through its gastronomy, music, and beachside art.

The city was once a fishing village that enabled a little quiet trade. The sprawling skyscrapers haven’t detracted from its natural heritage, which offers some of the most thrilling desert safaris in the world. There’s only one way to immerse yourself in the experience: with the wind flowing through your hair. Dirt Bike Rental service in Dubai will take you on scenic trip routes, over the dunes, and through the city.

Dubai Deserts

No matter its concrete culture, Dubai’s spirit is still best experienced through its infinite sands. The nation is best enjoyed at a steady pace. The desert is famous for its dune bashing and sand skiing. It’s been dubbed a rollercoaster for excellent reasons. It will boost your adrenaline and introduce you to a sport that puts you in touch with Mother Nature’s most exquisite landscapes. Stop for a camel ride and settle in for a belly dancing performance as the sun sets. You’ll see gazelles, oryx, and falcons, too. Emiratis are passionate about their national bird, and they’ll let you feed and handle theirs under their trainers’ watchful eyes.

Watery Worlds

Take a day trip to Fujairah for a little scuba diving and then make your way to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It’s home to some of the biggest aquarium tanks in the world, so it will take your breath away. The zoo has some exciting creatures, including piranhas and otters. The resident saltwater crocodile is five terrifying meters long, so don’t forget to pay him a visit. You can view the sea life through a glass-bottomed boat or even snorkel with the sharks.

Dirt Bike City

Dubai’s skyscrapers are world famous for their incredible engineering and exquisite beauty. There’s no better way to tour the climbing city than on the tarmac on a dirt bike tour. You’ll be able to stop at The Burj Khalifa for a bite to eat and experience the world’s tallest building from its observation decks. There are multimedia exhibitions that will explain the construction of the building, and a powerful telescope will show you the view.

Burj Al Arab is perhaps the most recognizable building in Dubai. It’s seated on an artificial island, and its interiors are no less dramatic than its architecture. The atrium alone is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Once you’ve seen Dubai’s most important skyscrapers, you can travel back in time through the Al Fahida Fort, which is the oldest structure in the region. It’s been turned into a museum that will tell you how Dubai has changed over the centuries. The building also presents the findings of archaeological digs around the city.


Dubai’s informal trade is primarily made up of gold, perfume, textiles, and spices. The local suqs can’t be experienced without participating in some heavy bargaining, so don’t be afraid to offer a lower price.

The Historic District

Al Fahidi simply can’t be fully experienced by car. Its winding lanes must be traveled by dirt bike or on foot. The pathways lead you to a variety of exhibitions, cafes, galleries, and museums. The area has a long heritage tracing all the way back to 1900 when Persian Merchants settled there. It deserves to be enjoyed aimlessly and lazily. If you’re a fan of street food, this is where you’ll find it. Tiny kiosks and small cafes will dish up as much delicious cuisine as they do charm. With traffic relegated to more built-up areas, this is one of the most peaceful quarters in Dubai, and its prices are equally calming.

Dubai has done an excellent job of holding onto its history. Its character might be displayed through its soaring skylines, but its personality is found in its past and its people. It deserves to be enjoyed with the sun on your skin and the tarmac beneath your tires.

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