Top 5 Most Preferred Motorcycle Tours Review In Dubai

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Dubai is the hub of desert activities, and there are various companies that offer their valuable services to potential clients. Tourists are advised to conduct research before coming to Dubai so that they can hire the best company for desert adventures in Dubai. All companies have their pros and cons. All the companies strive hard to provide the best quality of services, whether related to Dubai desert motorcycle riding or even motorcycle rent in Dubai. Given below is the list of those top companies whose services have ranked highest for customer satisfaction. Upsides and downsides are mentioned so that tourists can make an informed decision.

Top 5 tourism companies:

  1. MX Dubai.

  2. Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours.

  3. Just Gas It.

  4. Prestige Motorcycle Tours & Rentals.

  5. Royal ATV Dubai.

1. MX Dubai

Company profile:

MX Dubai is a very well-known name in the tourism world of Dubai. They offer to outclass services so that the people can enjoy the desert adventures to their fullest. Based on customer reviews, MX Dubai is a good utilization of your money. They provide each and every facility for motorcycle hire in Dubai during your trip. Moreover, they also provide you with branded desert motorbike Dubai. Special kind of buggies is also provided for memorable desert adventures in Dubai.


When it comes to the advantages of MX Dubai then they are countless. Reviews from previous customers have highlighted many different benefits of going on desert adventures in Dubai with this company. Following are some significant ones:

• One of the most significant benefits is that MX Dubai provides you the opportunity to ride motor cross and quad bikes at the same time. It is not allowed by other companies.

• The desert motorbikes in Dubai in their fleet are branded.

• A very welcoming staff is available for you, in order to receive you. Moreover, all kinds of support and guidelines are provided by MX Dubai.

• Buggies provided by MX Dubai tours are really so fast that they can even hit 100kph.


• Sometimes you have to face some schedule issues. The trip hardly starts from the set time; particularly it is because of weather reasons and other uncontrollable factors. Remember this when making plans for desert biking in Dubai.

• Some people have been reviewed as having no insurance, especially when they got hurt.

2. Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours:

Company profile:

Big Red Motorsports & Adventure Tours provide you the access to amazing places for tourism. They have been rated highly by their customers for price, comfort, and services. They specialize in organized tours with professional staff.


• Definitely get rid of negotiating prices.

• Gives you access to non-accessible places.

• Source of meeting interesting people.


• Sometimes it wastes your time at overpriced desert adventures in Dubai.

• It starts later than the usual or fixed time.

• They do not allow special fun activities on the tour.

3. Just Gas It:

Company profile:

“Just Gas It” is a well-reputed company arranging desert tours. It offers to ride or rent dirt bikes in Dubai along with other kinds of bikes. It offers the provision of a buggy ride, Jet Ski, and other Dubai travel services at comparatively low rates; so customers prefer to book all-inclusive packages based on their preference.


• Motorcycles are up-to-date; repairs all kind of models and can rebuild engines.

• Other accessories are provided during the ride including gloves, helmets, long boots, goggles, etc.

• Guidebook is also provided; tour guide can also accompany if required.

• BBQ dinner is also offered by them after desert adventure in Dubai.


• There are no special cons when it comes to Just Gas It. Only the timing can get inflexible at times.

• Rates are considered a bit high for some audiences to enjoy desert adventures in Dubai to the fullest.

4. Prestige Motorcycle Tours & Rentals

Company profile:

This company offers its services to visitors or even gulf residents. You can now select a motorcycle vacation or you can rent a bike for your favorite desert adventures in Dubai. The company offers valuable services linked to motorcycle tours and also provides them for rent.


• Complete guidance is provided by instructors.

• The bikes that are provided are in great condition.

• There are a lot of nearby hotels and malls.


• They charge you heavy costs when it comes to any mechanical damage.

5. Royal ATV Dubai:

Company profile:

It is a well-known company in the Dubai tourism industry. It offers all the water sports and outdoor activities including the desert adventures of Dubai. Professional staff is available in order to provide guidance. You can hire motorbikes too.


• Professional and friendly staff.

• All fantastic equipment are available.

• The products offered by them are completely safe.


• Schedule can be inflexible.

• At times you have to contact the agent repeatedly.

There are pros and cons associated with all these tourism companies. However, you can rely on any of the above-mentioned companies since they have built a reputation with years of dedicated services to their valued customers.

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