Safety Tips for Your Dirt Bike Dubai Desert Adventure

Safety Tips for Your Motocross Dubai Desert Adventure

Dubai is a beautiful desert country with spectacular beaches and skyscrapers. Instead of spending the whole day sky diving or riding on camels, why not find a new way to rush adrenaline through dune bashing? Whether you’re a beginner dirt bike rider or a professional rider, Dirt Bike Dubai offers riding adventures on several Dirt Bike tracks through the desert of Dubai. There are hands-on training sessions for all levels and ages, so you can enjoy some endurance riding, desert riding, and dune bashing regardless of your skill level.

Dirt Bike Training in Dubai

If your dream has always been off-road riding and dune bashing in the desert, you’ll be glad to enroll in professional and beginner training sessions for Dirt Bike . The tailor-made training courses are based on your skills and level of expertise. You have the option to join as a group or as an individual. Beginner classes start by teaching the participants how to handle various bikes and make the first step at making jumps. You also get all the riding and safety gear to keep you safe during the rides.

What to Expect in Dirt Bike Dubai Desert

Off-road riding in the desert is an acquired taste. The same way we learn along the way to enjoy coffee, monkey brain stew, or beer, we aren’t born craving desert riding but learn it. With a little exposure through Dirt Bike Dubai, you can gradually develop the interest and make it a seasonal adventure. When you begin, the sand will always seem bottomless, the rocks will look dangerous, and the cactus will be dreadful. Over time, everything falls into place and whenever you fail to pull out a few spines off your hand, it doesn’t feel like a real ride.

Before you hit the Dirt Bike tracks, here are some important safety measures to take with regard to the sand, rocks, and cactus:

Navigating the Sand

Always stay centered on your bike. If you sit too far forward, the front end is likely to knife, and if you sit too far to the rear, you’ll find it tedious to make turns. A good sand rider expends very minimal energy because he doesn’t have to move a lot on the bike. When braking, go light on the rear brakes as the sand will actually do most of the braking. Simply roll off the throttle and the bike will slow down. Steer with the rear wheel as opposed to the front wheel and don’t wait until you make the turn to open the throttle. Start gassing up before the turn; sand is very forgiving of excess gas. Additionally, don’t bother with the ruts from other bikes; you won’t be able to follow them if you wanted to.

Handling the Rocks

When you approach a combination of rocks and sand, it can be a little tricky as they require two different techniques. You should be aggressive on the sand and smooth and preserved on rocks. Now, aim for big rocks and go as straight over them as possible. Small rocks will just sink in the sand but medium-sized rocks can be troublesome. Again, flat rocks are easier to ride over but round rocks can shift and cause your front wheel to wash out abruptly. Time and experience will teach you how to anticipate buried rocks and react accordingly. For a pure rock field, simply stand and avoid over-accelerating or over-braking.

Evading the Cactus

Cactus can be a mean teacher. You’ll know how to treat it with great respect even without anyone teaching you. Learn to hide behind the handguards. Drop all that attack, an elbow-out position as it will just cause more harm to you. If you have to hit some cactus, hit it right through the center with your bike taking the spines. A glancing brush can be quite painful as your shoulder and legs will take all the spines.

Dirt Bike Dubai Desert tours are available to everyone visiting the UAE, including beginners and children. Advanced riders can also perfect their skills on the trails of the desert while having the fun of dune bashing. On top of that, you’ll find a wide range of quality bikes and riding gear for hire.

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