MX Dubai’s Top 6 Relaxing Spots in Dubai

MX Dubai’s Top 6 Relaxing Spots in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the best tourist spots across the globe and that’s the reason, families belonging to different countries plan to visit Dubai during vacations to enjoy some of the best as well as most refreshing moments here. Even if newlywed couples want to have some great beginning while enjoying amazing activities on such a luxurious land on Earth, they prefer to visit Dubai. Here we have compiled a brief intro to 6 spots worthy to visit in Dubai where you can feel greatly relaxed.

1) The Pierchic Restaurant

There is nothing more romantic than a beautiful view of the seawater right in front of you. The Pierchic restaurant is a Mediterranean seafood restaurant which is located a few meters into the ocean connected to the mainland by a bridge. This seafood place gives a breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab. You can have a perfect candle light dinner right in the middle of the ocean with your partner as well.

2) Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise is a wonderful restaurant that is different from the regular ones in so many aspects. You can have an amazing evening with your family or partner while you cruise through the seawater on a floating restaurant. How about that? Enjoy the mesmerizing services on your cruise with cuisines of all kinds having great taste to cherish. Inhale the calmness of water body covering all surroundings while floating all the way.

3) JetSki Riding Facility

Have you ever dreamed of riding in the seawater? Dubai is an amazing location for water sport adventures. You can experience a JetSki ride with your friends, family and partner in the broad seawater of Dubai. Dubai JetSki facility is a safe and professional riding facility that ensures your safe experience while you ski with your partner.

4) Shopping Malls

Dubai is known for having world’s greatest shopping malls with a wide range of local as well as international brands all located under one roof. Take your family, partner or friends with you for shopping the best quality items from all around the world in affordable rates. Enjoy diversified variety of accessories, eatables, perfumes, wardrobe items and a lot more under single roof with an ease of everything in approach. These malls are among those amazing spots to visit of which you might have dreamed.

5) Dune Buggy Rentals

Like to have some thrill to refresh yourself from hectic routine? Make your memories with friends, family or partner by experiencing the adventure of Dune Buggy Dubai. Dubai offers you Dune Buggy rental service to explore the widespread desert with fine sand welcoming you to enjoy its essence in a unique manner. Buggy rides are automatic 4-wheel drive rides which are easy and safe for you and your loved ones. So, if you want to have an adventurous refreshing activity, book your own Buggy tour and make wonderful memories.

6) Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

We have talked about thrilling adventures in the desert already. But, for those who wish to spend a relaxing time in the desert of Dubai, there is a wonderful delight. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa offers you everything including pool, dining facility and spa service. You can have the most relaxing moments here with an amazing relaxation therapy making you once again live through the best moments while touring in Dubai.

So enjoy this vacation with your friends and family in the most refreshing way while roaming and exploring around the best spots in Dubai.

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