Highly Anticipated Events Taking Place In Dubai This Season

Taking Place In Dubai This Season

Dubai is the city for pleasure seekers, where millions of people come from all over the world. The unique nature of events, festivals, and the combination of different cultures in one place has made Dubai the most popular tourist place in the world. Among many festivals Dubai Shopping Festival is Dubai’s annual citywide shopping display and this year it is bigger than ever before, it is offering for both tourists and residents unbeatable sales for five weeks, it also offers shopping experiences and family entertainment in this festival. It is most probably the last chance of availing discounts for customers this season. 73 brands are taking part in the Dubai shopping festival this season and these bands are offering different products.

Another upcoming festival of Dubai this season is the Dubai food festival that is providing people the opportunity of enjoying a wide variety of food from various cultures of the world. This season Dubai music festival has been organized that is bringing the most famous singers to one platform to perform. Some other highly anticipated events in the Dubai season are the art scene at Dubai Downtown, sports festivals organized by the Dubai sports world, Eid festivals at Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr, and much more. These festivals provide great excitement packages for tourists. Many offers and promotions on products attract customers. The event organizers arrange entertainment shows for families and kids in the evening time. Despite all these events, nothing beats the adventure life of Dubai.

Adventures of Dubai

Dubai is a city of adventure and a great place to visit. MX Dubai is the best place to seek all the adventures and fun in one place. Dubai shopping festivals provide you with just shopping experiences whereas MX Dubai offers you wonderful fun experiences. It offers you several places where you can enjoy fun experiences in life. They offer you Dune buggy tours and quad bike tours in the desert under the supervision of trained and qualified employees.

MX Dubai provides you with safe and fun experiences. They offer you Dune buggy tours with unique and professional services to enjoy the best Dirt bike ride, an experience that you might not enjoy somewhere else. All of their Dirt bikes are in excellent working condition and are always ready to use and properly maintained. Here you can get the services of well-trained tour guides who train you about everything regarding Dirt bikes. Customers are provided with a range of Dirt bikes for the best fun and safe experiences.

Differences between Egyptian and Dubai Deserts

Egyptian Desert offers a quad biking safari in Hurghada and from Hurghada they offer you a full-day snorkeling trip at Giftun Island. It includes underwater adventures in the red sea. You can see the Egyptian Pyramids in the Egyptian Desert during the tour. Egyptian Deserts also offer a 2-hour quad bike tour at the Pyramid of Giza. You can explore all the areas of the pyramids on a bike ride. Where you can explore ancient Egyptian history all by yourself. They also offer camel rides. The weather conditions of the Egyptian Desert are extremely high. Egyptian Desert faces the problem of scarcity of water due to insufficient rainfall.

There is something about the Deserts of Dubai that make them stand out, here the customers are offered the most exciting and thrilling experiences. There are many deserts in Dubai where various adventurous activities are offered by many service providers. MX Dubai is also one of them providing services in the Falcon Oasis Desert camp, Apart from the extreme weather conditions MX Dubai offers its customers the best and wide range of services and facilities conveniently to make their services stand out.

There are few stops between the rides where customers can take sunset pictures. They also offer quad biking rides. Quad bikes are speedy and helmets must be worn while riding the bike. By following the natural trail of dunes, and kicking sand in the face of your friends and fellow riders you will enjoy unforgettable fun experiences.

Why Dubai deserts with MX Dubai?

Dubai Deserts lets the customers enjoy sandboarding on sandy slippery slides. You can take a sandboard on rent for a ride with MX Dubai. You can Strap the board to your feet and slide down the dunes like you would on the slopes of ski Dubai. Here you are also offered an overnight stay in the oasis comfort of the desert. It’s a place of relaxation with grandeur-style villas, each has its own pool. A range of activities is offered here to make you feel relaxed and wind down in a peaceful environment. Camel rides are also available over the rolling dunes, where you can enjoy beverages as you can get to enjoy uninterrupted views.

Tours in the desert of Dubai are affordable and safe because they have well-trained and qualified professional tour guides who guide you about everything about the ride and how to ride it also and which things should be kept in mind while riding it. This is the reason why Egyptian people see the Dubai Deserts as a place of attraction for them and look for several opportunities in Dubai to enjoy. Most of the people from Egypt specifically chose MX Dubai due to its popularity and the stand-alone services that various other competitors do not offer.

Dubai Adventures beat other events

These festivals only let the tourists in Dubai enjoy shopping experiences, musical shows, food festivals, magical shows, and other activities that they might also enjoy in their own country but what MX Dubai is offering couldn’t be enjoyed anywhere else, here customers get to enjoy unique experiences. It’s unlikely that every country having deserts also aims to offer adventurous desert activities the way Dubai does. Instead of the hot weather conditions of Dubai due to its desert, Dubai city has managed to make its desert city the main reason for attraction and enjoyment. And here MX Dubai provides a unique range of services. The Desert of Dubai is better than the Egyptian desert from many perspectives, with Egypt being famous for its deserts and pyramids. Dubai desert is a more enjoyable place when compared to other deserts either in Egypt or any other place in the world.

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