Get Rewarded For Following Speed Limits In Dubai

Speed Limit

Reward for speed limits- an innovative approach

In an attempt to encourage the idea of following speed limit on the roads of Dubai, Dubai police came up with an amazing strategy. As the idea of following speed limits is to ensure the safety of everybody on roads by avoiding any accident, Dubai police will also give you incentives over this. They are going to reward all the drivers who will follow the speed limit with some points. Later on, you can redeem those points for gifts and vouchers. Dubai police commander in chief Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri released the statement regarding it that “the purpose of this initiative is to keep drivers in their speed limits by earning points”.

It is necessary for all of us to follow traffic rules on the road. However if we talk about off the road drives, they help us to find out our speed limit. With the help of Motorbike for rent in Dubai, we can test and maintain a safe drive limit off the road. Moreover, if you love driving at high speed, it is great to drive there.

Need of a new strategy:

The reason behind the introduction of this idea is to minimize the number of accidents on roads by motivating drivers through points. This life is a gift of God, we should take care of it by avoiding careless behavior. Many drivers are being observed driving at high speed, some drive high as a style while some want to be at first place by any means. This behavior is very dangerous. Speeding is a serious issue in Dubai which is causing injuries and deaths every year.

With the help of this program, it is expected to motivate drivers for safe limits. Major General further said “It is a unique idea and is part of Dubai Police’s strategy to have safer roads and reduce casualties [in accidents]. We will start the programme after Gitex Technology Week. Drivers will earn white points by registering in the programme”. You can take part in this by registering yourself in this program. Quad rental Dubai is a famous ride among off the road drives of Dubai, you can enjoy crazy drive and learn how to maintain a certain limit through it.

How will it work?

Drivers will have to sign in to Dubai Police application and then register in the programme after the Gitex week. Driver can check points earned by him/her which will be displayed on the map of the application. A point will be given to the driver after covering every few particular kilometers, provided he/she is in speed limit. In the same way if he/she does not follow the speed limit, the points will be deducted. Furthermore, director of the Traffic Department Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, stated that to participate in this programme your vehicle should be Dubai registered vehicle and points will be given on every 5 or 10 kilometers.

Brigadier Al Mazroui said “Motorists can form a team and compete with other teams to see who earns higher points”. The app will display the ranking of drivers, which will be based on their points earned through the programme. In this way, drivers will form teams for competing with other teams. The director further added.” We will specify how many kilometers to get a white point soon and when the driver collects enough points, he can click on the link in the app to guide him to different options to redeem them. It can be redeemed for shopping vouchers or other options”.

In short the whole activity can be summarized as:

  1. Map of the app will show your covered distance and earned points.
  2. Teams will be formed on the basis of collected points
  3. In case of exceeding the limit, points will be deducted
  4. Dubai registered vehicles can take part on this programme.
  5. Black points will not be cancelled on earning white points

Let’s become a part of it:

This is an exciting news for all the people who show patience during driving, however many people who were careless before, will now take part in this programme. Such initiatives for the well-being of public should be encouraged at all levels. We hope that it will bring a drastic change in driving behavior of people in Dubai. If you are speedy driver and want to reduce your speed you should try it doing on off the road. You can make use of Motorbike rent Dubai and help yourself in this regard.

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