Exotic Adventures for the Outdoors

Exotic Adventures for the Outdoors

When traveling, it’s nice to experience luxury hotels and refreshing pools, but to get a full experience of an exotic locale — you need to get outside. Whether hiking through a rain forest or speeding along with a Dubai ATV rental – here are some of our favorite ideas for exotic outdoor fun.

Adventure Zip Lining

Swinging through the air has moved beyond small slides across the playground. Zip lining has become a way to experience top speeds while soaring over picturesque landscapes like canyons, lakes, and valleys. Travel to across the world to zip line down the side of a whitewater ravine or experience New Zealand and zip line through Waitomo’s glowworm cave. Offering some of the most diverse zip line experiences in a relatively small area, New Zealand has a ride for all ages and adrenaline levels. Grab a harness and attach your GoPro as you glide along the hillside or get extreme with high-speed descents. Choose your own adventure with this child’s game turned adult recreation.

Quad Bike Across the Desert

Experience the dunes of the Arabian desert without the effort of walking through hot sand. These modern-day dune buggies are geared for ages 13 and older with speeds that will get the wind in your face. Similar to zip lining, you don’t have to be an expert to participate in this Dubai adventure. Guided rides are available for both beginner and advanced in 2 and 4-hour tours. If you’d like to expand your exploration, consider the available dirt bike and Dirt bike tours, or relax with a scenic buggy ride.

Surf the Most Beautiful Beaches

Finding waves to surf is the easy part, finding waves for multiple skill levels attached to a gorgeous beach can be a little more difficult. Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa is said to have one of the Top 10 most perfect waves on the planet. Sandy beaches stretch to the horizon, backed by lush green grass and your choice of a luxury hotel. You can find packages that explore the many surf locations in the area with beginner lessons and restful hotels with all the amenities or set your own course. Advanced surfers can sign up for a ‘surfari’ with S.S.A. Level 3 certified instructors to catch those once-in-a-lifetime waves.

Explore Parks with Extreme Mountain Biking

Les Gets, France is the go-to destination for world-class mountain bikers. Described as the biggest mountain biking playground in Europe, this park has hosted world-class competitions amid wooded hills and breathtaking views. If you’re a fan of tricks, obstacles, or extreme speeds this park has you covered with 90 kilometers of slopes at this resort location. There’s even a “bike lift” to get you to the top of the mountain with ease. But don’t despair if you’re just starting out, the area offers instructors and a large variety of trails for all abilities — even kids. Gain confidence with the area bike school, and know that the trails are regularly patrolled and maintained.

Hike the Clouded RainForest

Costa Rica is a major destination for eco-tourism. One of the areas appeals is the diverse ecosystems hidden in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. A cloud forest has a distinctly different vibe than a traditional rainforest, being less tropical and more secretive with a constant ceiling of clouds and fog. Take a guided tour with a bilingual naturalist to make the most of your adventure. Curated trails stretch across this preserve and offer hikes for all levels from casual wanderers to experienced explorers. Take in the unique flora and fauna that have made Costa Rica famous.

There are outdoor exotic adventures suited to everyone. Whether you enjoy rain or sun or sand or sea, you’ll find an activity that is the right fit. Enjoy speeding through the desert dunes of Dubai on a quad bike, or zip-line through caves in New Zealand. Find hidden secrets in the cloud forest of Costa Rica surf the beautiful beaches of South Africa, or ride through the wild hillside of France. Adventure is not just for the experienced, there are outdoor opportunities for all.

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