Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai

Enjoy a Desert Tour Holiday in Dubai

Dubai is a set of the old and the new delicately mixed. It has a perfect combination of all environments you would want to spend time in and relax starting from the sprawling deserts, to beach sides and seven-star hotels. It also boasts of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an interesting culture, awesome architecture, and many other exciting experiences. If you are looking for a paradise away from home for your next vacation, consider Dubai as one of your top destinations.

Shopping, drinks, and food are some of the things that you can find everywhere. If you would like to experience the true feeling of living in Dubai, consider something that is unique to the city. We bet that it will leave a vivid memory of the experience for many years to come. Here are two of the unique experiences that you should not miss.

1. Sand dune adventures

Dubai looks like Las Vegas on many fronts. Both cities have built magnificent skylines against a desert background. However, unlike Las Vegas, Dubai boasts of super-sized sand dunes, a desert conservation center, and lots of rugged landscapes that make you feel as if you are on the moon’s surface.

Buggy adventures in Dubai take you to the remotest parts of the desert in your buggy and let you enjoy the sand and sweat that comes with a rugged experience. The off-road experience is made of specially designed buggies that rush through the giant sand dunes.

You can ride in a single-seater buggy if alone or in double-seater dunes with your partner. An instructor will guide you around the natural trails and leave you to experience the adrenalin rush as your confidence grows.

What about your safety?

  • Each of the buggies comes with several safety features that eliminate a possibility of an injury even in the case of an accident
  • There is a roll cage that keeps you from falling out
  • You get a helmet and goggles to protect your head from a hit and the sand from getting into your eyes respectively
  • The whole session is guided and therefore a little chance that you may get lost in the vast sand dunes
  • You will get a safety briefing, instructions, and training

What of the cost?

You can catch a cheap dune buggy in Dubai and save on cash. With the cheap buggies, you can have the thrill on the sand a few times before you go back home. You can also save more by taking a ride with a friend and sharing the cost.

2. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR)

The DDCR is the UAE’s first conservatory. It is an extensive piece of land dedicated to the natural desert wilderness. In the midst of rapid developments in the country, the conservatory provides a natural gateway where you can experience nature at its best.

The conservation center is located on the outskirts of the city and boasts of different flora and fauna that includes birds, herbivorous, insects, lizards, snakes, and different desert plant species in their natural habitat. After your desert adventures, be sure to enjoy what the wilderness has to offer.

What you should know before going for desert tours

  • Best times to visit Dubai

Dubai has only two seasons, hot and very hot. When it comes to winter, the city has blue skies and somewhat warm weather. There is no snow in the city. Unfortunately, there are lots of tourists during this season. It may not be the best time if you are looking for some quiet time. The best time to visit is from November to March. Temperatures are not too high, and there are no very big crowds.

  • You are safe

Time and again, there is turmoil in countries surrounding UAE. However, Dubai is made up of people from across the globe that coexist peacefully. There is also a low crime rate in the city.

  • Be careful of what you wear

A majority of the Dubai residents are practicing Muslims. Their religion does not permit clothing that is too revealing. You can still wear light clothing but not too skimpy, especially when walking around the city.

  • Be sober

You will not get alcohol beyond the walls of your luxury hotel. Alcohol prices are very high in these places. Therefore, if you would like to save some cash during your trip, consider skipping drinking for the time you will be in Dubai.

  • Too much sun can be bad for you

You will love the sunny weather in the city. However, do not leave your hotel room before applying some sunscreen on your face and all other exposed parts of your body.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway for your next holiday, consider a desert tour in Dubai.

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