How To Dress Like A Local In Dubai?

Dress Like A Local In Dubai

If you are planning to visit Dubai, either for living purposes or for a trip there are certain preferences that need to be followed. Dubai is a multi-cultural landscape and from the dresses of people, you can see that people from all parts of the globe have gathered there. It is not mandatory that while in Dubai, you will have to follow some particular dress code. However, in order to like a local Arab, there is a certain way you have to dress. You do not have to look like locals of Dubai when you are in your personal home or a hotel room. You may find it exciting to dress up like locals when going to theatres, bars, restaurants and shopping malls.

Dress codes in Dubai:

Dubai is a top-notch vacation destination which is no less than any other famous place. One thing that makes Dubai different from all other destinations is that it is extremely hot; you need to keep this thing in mind when choosing your dress. On the other hand, there are also some differences of culture and values of Dubai compared to other places.

Here are some popular local dresses for men and women in Dubai:

  • Abaya.

  • Burqa.

  • Kandura.

  • Ghutrah.

  • Ghafiya.

  • Geisha.


In order to look like a local of Dubai, women must wear Abaya. Basically an Abaya is a long elegant cloak which is often worn by the ladies of Dubai. Traditionally, this dress code covers the whole body of the women except the face, hand and feet. It is popularly known as the national dress of the women in Dubai. The color is usually black for the locals but foreigners also try different variations of color, design and style. Some local women also prefer to do niqaab (means covering the whole face) along with Abaya. Abaya can be a hurdle especially in the case when you visit Dubai for Dirt Bike off road adventures. Someone wearing it for the first time may find difficult to carry it well.


Burkha or Burqa is a kind of abaya which is worn by the local women of Dubai. The purpose of wearing Burkha is to cover the whole skin from the public. Women remove their Burkha when they are not in public or when are with their family members.


Kandura is also known as Jubbah or Khamiis is the most popular dress amongst the local men of Dubai. People of Dubai love to ride off road Dirt Bike rental and prefer to wear those clothes which are comfortable. Kandura is long robe that covers the whole length of body till ankles, which is usually in white color. It is loose fitted dress which can or cannot be worn during the ride, depends on the ease of the person.


Ghutrah is a kind of typical head scarf that is worn by the local men of Dubai. It is usually made from square cloth of the cotton, usually of checkered design. It provides protection from not only the heat but from dust as well. Men of Dubai love to wear Ghutrah. During your dirt bike Dubai tour you will surely like to wear Ghutrah as it will protect you from the direct rays of sun and from the desert dirt too.


It is like a hat for Muslims when they pray. Mostly for the locals, Ghafiya is not visible because Ghutrah is above it. In other words we can say that Ghafiya is worn below the Ghutrah. Locals of Dubai love to wear beautifully embroidered Ghafiya.


Women of Dubai also like to wear Gishwa. Gishwa is small thin piece of cloth that serves as a veil. Face of Gishwa wearer is not recognizable but the wearer can see through it very easily. It is traditional dress code for local Dubai women. It can be worn during the desert tours because such dresses will not cause any hurdle.

Avoid revealing dress styles:

In order to look like a local of Dubai, you must avoid dresses that reveal a lot of skin. Dubai is such a place where the dress code ethics are not very strict but women are expected not to show off their skin in public.

Follow the rules:

You must follow the rules when you want to look like a local in Dubai. There are certain restrictions for both men and women when it comes to dressing. Even for tour purposes you must follow some dress ethics. You can contact MX Dubai so that complete details will be provided to you.

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