Adventures and Outings in Desert Safari Dubai

Adventures and Outings in Desert Safari Dubai

When visiting Dubai, the bright lights, big city amenities, restaurants, and shopping opportunities are not to be missed. However, when vacationing, be sure to take in the beauty of the surrounding deserts. Despite common stereotypes, there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had in the deserts surrounding Dubai. The best desert safari company in Dubai will have several affordable packages and outdoor adventures for you to take advantage of.

When researching desert safari booking Dubai always consider the variety of tours offered, customer satisfaction, and commitment to safety. With careful research, you’ll easily find an experienced tour company that will help make your vacation a memorable one. Before contacting a tour company it’s a good idea to know what kind of activities you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the most popular desert activities when you’re out on a desert safari.

Desert Off-Roading

The wide open spaces and dunes offer a perfect environment in which to enjoy off-roading activities. If you’ve never partaken in such activities but always wanted to, most tour providers will provide safety equipment and trainers to keep you safe and show you how to ride. Plus, when it comes to off-roading there are a lot of different ways to do it from Dirt Bike to dune buggies.

  • Dune Buggy Tours:

    A dune buggy flying over the desert sands and over the dunes is a classic image of desert adventuring. Dune buggies are easy to use and offer many safety features such as seat belts and roll cages making them an ideal mode of desert transportation. A dune buggy tour allows you to explore the desert in relative comfort while enjoying all sights it has to offer.

  • Dirt Bike to duneTours:

    Biking through the desert is one of the most common outdoor activities in the desert and the terrain makes for a fun ride if you’re feeling adventurous. Many tours have predefined tracks and trails for you to take advantage of along with all the required safety equipment and professional guidance. As Dirt Bike to dunetours are quite common there’s an assortment for all skill levels available, ranging from new riders to the very experienced.

  • Quad Bike/ATV Tours:

    The quad bike or ATV offers a four-wheeled alternative to the traditional Dirt Bike to dunewhile still offering a fun ride. Much like Dirt Bike to dunetours, ATV tours offer an assortment of tracks and skill levels from which to choose. Notably, many riders find ATVs a bit easier to learn to drive which can make for a more enjoyable trip.

Desert Tours

If a simple ride into the desert is not quite what you’re looking for, a desert adventure tour provides an assortment of activities that will engage you with the rich history of Dubai and the surrounding area. Such desert tours range from overnight camping trips to full evening VIP adventures with many amenities and activities to take part in.

  • Overnight Camping:

    camping in the desert was a common way of life for centuries. When camping you get to enjoy the desert sunset and enjoy the stars. Many such camping tours also include dinner, evening activities, and authentic Arabian coffee.

  • Bedouin Camps:

    another popular activity when touring the desert is visiting an authentic Bedouin camp for a full 3 to 6-hour outing. Such tours allow you to partake in traditional Arabian cultures such as falconry, henna, belly dancing, and food. What makes such tours particularly appealing is you not only get to see the desert and trek across it but also come to understand more about the heritage of the people who live there.

Final Thoughts

As the above information shows the desert is more than an empty landscape and sand; it is a vibrant ecosystem that has supported animal life and human civilization for thousands of years. The deserts of Dubai offer a one-of-a-kind experience and one you’re not soon to forget. While the city is certainly not to be missed, don’t overlook the surrounding natural beauty of Dubai’s deserts.

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