5 Most Brutally Honest Reviews From Customers

5 Most Brutally Honest Reviews From Customers

MX Dubai gives its customers the advanced 2016 KTM off-road Dirt bikes, dirt bikes, and Enduros for rent in Dubai. We have a range of options that make this company better than all its competitors. It is the right place for you if you are looking for off-road dirt bikes, dirt bikes, and Enduros to rent in Dubai.

MX Dubai is known for providing with best off road Bikes, dirt Bikes, Dirt bikes, and adventures. It is a combination of off-road dirt Bike Rental, sightseeing, and round trip. They provide the best deals for Desert adventures in Dubai.

We are committed to providing our customers with safe and fun experiences. MX Dubai offers professional services and there are known for its dedication to its customers and value for their feedback. At MX Dubai we feel pride in our devotion and commitment to our customers. Whether they are new customers or old ones, we value each one of them.

Service offered by MX Dubai

MX Dubai provides you with a safe and fun experience. They offer you Dune buggy tours while offering unique and professional services for customers to enjoy the best dirt bike riding of a lifetime. All of their dirt bike are in excellent working condition and are always ready to use and properly maintained. They provide well-trained tour guides who guide you through everything about dirt bikes in a friendly and professional way. Customers are provided with a range of dirt bike based on their preferences and needs for the best experiences.

Reviews on MX Dubai

Following are a few reviews by our customers regarding our services:

  • Sebastian H (on August 27, 2016) said “I went to the 2-hour KTM tour in the morning and was lucky to be the only one, so I had a personal tour. The guy who picked me up, David, was really friendly and helpful with all my questions about Dubai and he told me a lot about everything that was going on. The tour itself was very nice, even with some trouble getting started at the beginning. My guide (I spare the name because I’m definitely going to pronounce it wrong) was just right for that job. He stayed with me all the time, gave me heaps of useful tips, and made fun. All in all a very nice and worth-the-money trip! Definitely doing it again!”

Reply from MX Dubai:

Sebastian, we are so glad that you thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Sand Ranger (on January 8, 2017) said that “Essentially I bought this thinking it was a beginner’s course (because that’s what it says it is), it isn’t, and it’s paying a ridiculous amount of money (AED 750) to follow around a guy in a big group of riders. I had no knowledge of how to ride on sand and the guy sped off literally leaving me a few times in the desert looking for any signs of life only do this if you like paying silly money to ride an old worn dirt bike.”

MX Dubai Response to this Review:

You are right about the cost; compared to European prices our offers are expensive. But to be fair, you have to see the full picture of running an officially licensed business like this in the middle of the desert where everything has to be imported through the local agencies and they sell to us at double or triple the usual costs. So our prices are reasonable according to our services quality, standard and our equipment’s. We feel sorry that you felt this way but you can definitely compare our prices and services with competitors and see for yourself how we are doing our best for our valued customers.

  • Minty (August 27, 2016) said “From Hotel pick up to drop off this is a well-drilled outfit. I booked the four-hour tour as an experienced biker but a complete novice to desert riding. This was my mistake as I found out after finding it harder and harder to hang onto the KTM as time progressed. This is where my guide Aftab suggested as the 2nd 2 hours get harder due to bigger dunes and softer sand, if I wanted, then we could just do the 2-hour session and stay around the practice area for the last part. After stopping for water and a quick picture/video stop then we returned to camp with a grin from ear to ear and feeling pretty good after only having 2 spills during the 2 hours. So back in the car, Crone dropped me back to my hotel in one piece to enjoy a well-deserved ice-cool beer. I would highly recommend MX Dubai for any of their advertised tours, very professional outfits, and great value for money. Many many thanks for a great day!”

Reply from MX Dubai:

Our packages are flexible to the needs of an individual. There is no hard and fast rule that since you have paid, you should abide by the same schedule. If any of our clients want to adjust the package according to their needs, they are more than welcome.

  • Toddy from Melbourne Australia (on September 2, 2016) said “Riding over the sand dunes was fantastic and the staff was great but I would never do it in summer again it was far too hot.”

Reply from MX Dubai:

Toddy, it was a pleasure having you with us. We do understand that for many international customers, the heat of the UAE is unbearable. This is why we keep proper arrangements for hydration and breaks on the way to make sure our customers are relaxed in the heat too.

  • Normangoodfella (September 1, 2016) said “This is my 3rd trip with MX Dubai and everyone has been brilliant. Today I went with my 16-year-old son and a friend, pick up on time, were friendly and helpful guys, and had excellent gear choices – just pitch up they had everything covered, the bikes were brand new and we had an absolute blast – just after sunrise through the early morning dunes…… Highly recommended!”

Reply from MX Dubai:

Norman, we would definitely love to see you again in Dubai. We would also appreciate it if you can spread the good word and give referrals to anyone who might be interested in visiting Dubai.

Conclusion of MX Dubai experiences:

The entire team of MX Dubai highly values all the reviews and responses of every single customer, not only the appreciation instead the criticism is also highly valued and considered as a chance of improvement to satisfy customers who are traveling to Dubai from all around the world to enjoy a leisure trip with their friends and family members. MX Dubai is improving its services day by day and people who visit MX Dubai love the completely different experiences offered here new customers will love it too. MX Dubai provides Dune buggy tours in Dubai. There are so many different activities to do and a range of memorable experiences that you will definitely remember for a lifetime.

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