10 Important Rules for First Time Visitors to Dubai

Before you visit Dubai, there are a few things that you should never take for granted. You must have heard about how strict the policies of Dubai are or many other horrifying stories. But the picture is not the way it seems. Dubai is a place of fun and enjoyment for tourists especially when it comes to Dune buggy Dubai.

Dubai can be a strict place for you if you will not follow or will break the rules being a tourist. Therefore given below are some important rules for people visiting Dubai for the first time.

Important Rules:

1. Wear appropriate clothes:

It is strictly against the laws of Dubai if you reveal clothes in public or even wear clothes that are less than your knees. UAE is a country that is not democratic, it follows the Islamic and as well as sharia laws, therefore, it is a compulsion on you to wear appropriate clothes, and do not forget to cover your shoulders too.

2. Restrictions in the month of Ramadan:

In the holy and sacred month of Ramadan, there are some rules that must be followed even by tourists, visitors, or people coming from Australia, etc. As Ramadan is a month when Muslims fast therefore it is necessary for the visitor not to eat, chew, or drink water in public. Everyone has to follow the rules otherwise they may have to face some real troubles. During this month nothing should pass through the mouth between sunrise and sunset.

3. Prohibition of loud music:

Loud music is completely prohibited in public areas. People coming from western areas consider this thing completely fine and they like to use loud music in public areas. Well, this is not acceptable in Dubai.

4. Reserve your tickets for Burj Khalifa:

All the instructions are based on experiences. Hence it is good for you to online book your ticket for any Enduro tour in Dubai, and pre-book your ticket for Burj Khalifa too, for this will not make you stand in long queues. Burj Khalifa is a monument and a great tourist attraction too. Undoubtedly, it is the tallest building.

5. Never Swear:

People who are visiting Dubai for the very first time must know that swearing is Dubai in not a good act. Dubai is a country where the laws are Islamic and these laws are very sensitive in nature. Therefore watch your language before you say something. It is not necessary that what you consider fine in your country would also be fine in Dubai. So never swear in Dubai, especially in Public.

6. Avoid summers of Dubai:

Everything is perfectly fine but not the summers. The summers of Dubai are highly crucial. They are very intense and extreme that sometimes become impossible to tolerate. In summer people spend most of their time indoors, or in a shopping place or somewhere having A.C. People who are fond of desert adventures Dubai must know that summers here are very intense.

7. No casino in Dubai:

People from western countries believe that Dubai is full of casinos. This is something completely wrong; there is not a single casino in Dubai. Not even in the whole UAE. So it is better for you to keep this thing in mind before visiting Dubai.

8. Shopping is expensive:

People, who want to visit Dubai just with the intention to shop, must know that shopping in Dubai is expensive. People who Dubai love to go to malls but rarely do they shop. The rates are only inexpensive when there is the sale season. So wait for the sale season and enjoy your visit.

9. Alcohol while driving is prohibited:

This is the very strict law of Dubai you simply cannot drive while you are drunk. If the police catch you driving while you are drunk, you might have to go to jail. As far as alcohol is concerned you can only have it if you have a license.

10. Sunday is a working day:

In Dubai, Sunday is not a holiday but it is a working day. Instead, Thursday is the weekend in Dubai, because Friday is a holiday. In most countries Sunday is a holiday and Saturday is a weekend but it is not the case in Dubai.

Mentioned above are some of the important rules that an outsider, visitor, or tourist must know before visiting Dubai. Dubai is not likely in other western countries instead it follows sharia rules, therefore the rules and policies are quite different here. These are implied in each and every person. Violation of rules has serious consequences.

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