20 Weird Reasons That Attract Me To Visit Dubai

Jet ski dubai

In my opinion, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities to wander. It is an amazing city because it is ready to amaze all types of visitors. There are numerous reasons that bring billions of tourists to this city standing in a desert. I have visited Dubai about 6 times now and today I want to disclose some weird reasons why I am so attracted to this city; so read along:

  1. Whenever someone goes to a new place, it is natural to feel scared and out of place; but Dubai is a safe travel destination and I felt quite comfortable there.
  2. Dubai has something to offer for every mood and person; whether you want to try jet skiing the Dubai marina or you are interested in Dubai desert motorcycle riding, this city has it all.
  3. The city is perfect if you want to spend your holidays because it is an ideal place in terms of holiday destination and recreation. I tried the Dubai quad tour when I came for vacation and I could hardly wait to come here again.
  4. The community regulations, food options, adventure, and everything is moderate here, so I felt quite relaxed on all my visits to Dubai.
  5. I had the opportunity to experience the world-renowned Dubai desert safari twice and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
  6. Weird as it may sound, Dubai’s desert is an unforgettable experience. Dubai trip is totally incomplete without experiencing the desert adventures in Dubai.
  7. Buggy adventures Dubai is unlike any other place in the world. Desert Safari is surely one of the attractive and fascinating reasons to visit this city. The Arabian Desert of today is way better than the old folklore will make you believe.
  8. This place surely makes you believe that deserts are not only for camel rides but for monstrous vehicles. You can do up and down on the sandy mountains in a Dubai sand dune buggy. I had the best time of my life doing it.
  9. Arabian hospitality was just outstanding; I enjoyed immensely in camps with an appetizing BBQ, enticing dance, and other entertainment. I availed the option of enjoying overnight camping under the sparkling blanket of the desert; indeed it is one of the most memorable nights of my life.
  10. You can have marvelous activities which include dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, and much more. I look forward to trying all this.
  11. Do not forget to check out the shops available there for tattoos. Belly dance, barbecue, and shisha are also available. You can book this activity for daytime or nighttime.
  12. Dubai city and desert is a preferred recreational spot for all types of sports; whether you want to try jet ski Dubai marina or off road motorcycle tours, Dubai has everything you can ask for. Climate is so perfect for all outdoor activities.
  13. Being a sports fan, I want to try these things in Dubai on my next visits: Golf, windsurfing, jet skiing Dubai, dune buggies Dubai, off road motorcycle ride Dubai, and deep sea diving.
  14. Water sports activities are very popular in recent years. Small speed boats basically drag you over the waves and launch you into the air. If you are a pure lover of water sports (like me), then you will definitely have a good time during this trip. Water sports activities that will make your trip more alluring.
  15. If Dubai weather is too hot for you, you can opt for numerous indoor activities to relax. I wish I had enough money to spend on spas and wellness centers. If you cannot spend a lot on these things, then the beaches of Dubai are open to everyone. Jet Ski rental Dubai will make you feel amazing without spending a fortune.
  16. If you try jet ski Dubai, you will want more and more of it. It also offers a remarkable view of Burj Al Arab.
  17. Dubai beaches are best for strolling, jogging, and sunbathing. At sunset, Jumeirah beach offers a perfect view of the Arabian Gulf.
  18. Weird enough but it feels amazing to be on the top of Burk Khalifa, the tallest man-made building on the planet.
  19. Being a selfie-lover, Dubai is my favorite place. I love my selfies taken during hot air balloon rides, Dubai jet skis, snorkeling, rides in theme parks and desert biking in Dubai.
  20. A few other reasons that I love this glamourous city include:
  • Tallest hotel and restaurant
  • World-class shopping malls
  • Indoor theme parks
  • World largest aquarium
  • World famous mosques
  • Ferrari world
  • Golf clubs
  • Dancing fountains

So when you are going to book your vacation trip, then immediately pick Dubai as your destination. It doesn’t matter that you are going on your honeymoon or traveling with your best friends; this is the perfect place and its incredible attractions won’t ever fail to excite you. Just pack your bags and go ahead to the world’s favorite destination.

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