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Buggy Rental Dubai

buggy rental dubaiWhile in other emirates of the UAE such as Sharjah Al Badayer accomodate mass touristic places with thausands of people roushing there for their short buggy ride every week. The buggy rental companies let you ride in circles for 1 hour and you have to deal with the dangers of the desert yourself.

mxDubai created a whole new level of buggy rental dubai.

mxDubai offers a real deep desert experience with 3 different terrain categories.

  • 1. Flat areas with fast desert trails.
  • 2. Technical Dunes for active and focussed buggy driving.
  • 3. Massive dunes high like a residential tower for the ultimate dune bashin in dubai experience.
  • 4. Mountain areas with hidden lakes and wadis for an adventure away from the soft sand.

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Steve Petrie reviewed Mxdubai - Desert Motorbike Tours and Buggy Rental Dubai – 5 star 31 January 2016 ·  Quality bikes and gear, great relaxed atmosphere, great value for money. Couldn't have asked for anything else.

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