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08.05.2017 - Buggy Rental Dubai - Justin Bieber enjoying Dunebashing at mxDubai

buggy rental dubaimxDubai Buggy Rental Dubai attracts adventure seekers from around the world. We are also the top location if it comes to photo and video shootings for different labels and artists. The latest celebrity joining us was Justin Bieber....

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Motorcycle Rent Dubai - No license needed if you ride with mxDubai

motorcylce rent dubaiSafety is essential when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle rental Dubai companies prioritize your safety and provide you with the best facilities and gadgets...

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Motorcycle Rental in Dubai - Advanced Rider Service and Custom Tours

motorcycle rental in dubaiThe advanced motorbike tour is for riders who have off-road riding experience. It involves a 4 hours’ motorbike desert tour to enhance your skills. You will be taught how to ride steadily in the desert...

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Motorbike Hire Dubai - Off Road Beginner Tours with mxDubai

motorbike hire dubaiThis Adventure Tour is for Beginners with basic experience about motorbike riding. If you have never experience off-road riding and have a burning desire to relish the fun of desert riding, this adventure tour is perfect for you.

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