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Buggy Rental Dubai - Another amazing Adventure at mxDubai

buggy rental dubaiWhile in other emirates of the UAE, such as Sharjah Al Badayer, the buggy rental companies let you ride in circles for 1 hour, mxDubai created a whole new level of buggy rental dubai.

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Quad Bike Rental Dubai - Adding more Adventures to our portfolio

quad bike rental dubaiWhile alot of riders with expierience prefer a Motorcylce over any other type of vehicle, alot off road beginners seek for a verhicle that is easy to control without much practice.

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Motorbike Rental Dubai - The right cover photo for mxDubai

motobike rental dubaiWith the start of our first season of  Motorbike Rental Dubai we started looking for a cover photo that sums up the amazing landscape of the desert in Dubai.

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Motorcycle Rental Dubai - How the adventure began at mxDubai

motorcycle rental dubaiThe very the first Motorcycle Rental Dubai Tour of mxDubai started next to a road in Dubai Al Awir in a residential area. Looking back to this day it seems unreal. Brand new KTM motorcycles lined up in a residential area. People standing on the road in underwear changing into the KTM motorcycle riding gear.

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